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Sports & Fitness Centre

Sports Hall, Loch Torridon Community Centre


The Centre has a number of activities open to all:

  • Badminton

  • Volleyball

  • Table Tennis

  • Country Dancing

The Centre’s facilities are available for use by visitors at any time during our normal opening hours. So if the weather is bad, the children are bored, or you just want a break from outdoor pursuits, come in and take part.  Please check the calendar for timings.

Alternatively, if you want to start a new activity at the centre the hall may be hired for an hourly charge. Please contact the Centre Manager for more information.

Fitness Centre

Our gym has all the equipment you need for a great work out.  It includes:

  • two treadmills

  • two cross trainers

  • rowing machine

  • spinning bike

  • exercise bike

  • weights machines

  • selection dumbbells and hand weights

  • abs trainer

Full use of the centre showers are available to help cool you down afterwards.

Fitness gym, Loch Torridon Community Centre
Fitness classes, yogo, pilates Loch Torridon Community Centre

Exercise Classes



Whatever your age or fitness level, Yoga works in a gentle yet profound way, improving general wellbeing and the ability to relax & control stress. Enjoy greater flexibility and increased joint mobility. Build core strength for a stronger back. Improve balance, breathing, concentration and co-ordination.

Classes are held every week on from 6pm - 7pm

For information please email Rebecca on

Gym Membership

The cost of membership for the Fitness Club is:

  • Unlimited use on any day, 6am – 10pm, annual membership:

    • One payment of £150 pa paid annually in advance

    • Twelve payments of £15 pm paid monthly in advance

  • 30 day membership, unlimited use on any day, 6am – 10pm:

    • £25

  • Single session, only available during normal opening hours:

    • £5 for first hour, including induction

    • £3.50 per hour for all subsequent use

Please contact the Centre Manager for more information.

Fitness gym, Loch Torridon Community Centre
Loch Torriond Community Centre Logo
Loch Torridon Community Centre Logo
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