The Loch Torridon Community Centre is pleased to be able to offer yoga classes. Please contact Sarah Almond for full details. Visitors are welcome to ’drop in’ to classes and Sarah also offers  home visits for treatments or one to one / small group Yoga.

The word ‘Yoga’ means union. It’s aim is to unite, balance and harmonise our body, mind and spirit. It releases tension, restores depleted energy levels, is very calming and brings a sense of awareness to many aspects of our everyday lives.

Hatha yoga encourages people to listen to their body, be aware of the breath and work to a personal level of comfort. Yoga philosophy encourages mindfulness, it is not based on competition.

Sarah Almond moved to Shieldaig in 2011, from near York. For the last 18 years she has been a practitioner and teacher of massage, body work and movement, training in Chaing Mai, Thailand and London. She started teaching yoga based classes for children at a Montessori school and completed the 4 year British Wheel of Yoga teacher training diploma in York, qualifying in 2004. She started teaching yoga for the Workers Educational Association in 2003 in Pickering, which proved so popular that she had 3 full classes of students, with ages ranging from 38 to 87.  She worked regularly with York Aids Action, treating people with H.I.V, and worked with students, the homeless, disabled and mental health patients.

Sarah says, “Teaching yoga has been the perfect balance alongside my massage work which is physically very demanding. Especially on big rugby player types!”.

Yoga Classes