The Centre cannot operate without the huge contribution made by the many people who volunteer to help on a day to day basis. We are greatly indebted to everyone that gets involved whether it be for the occasional half hour or on a more regular basis. Ours is a community centre and it is run by the Loch Torridon community for the benefit of the Loch Torridon community.

There are so many things that volunteers can and do help with that it would be pointless to list them here. Indeed people have skills that we haven’t anticipated. Volunteering should be fun. It provides opportunities for people to get out and interact and is ideal for newcomers to the area to meet their neighbours and make new friends. Here are a few examples of jobs that might appeal to you.

  • Man the reception desk for an hour along with the Centre Manager or another volunteer. You will meet visitors when they come into the Centre and maybe spend some time discussing the weather, the area, and things to do and see. You might be able to help them use the computer to research their next destination, or tell them about the sports activities that they can use at the Centre.
  • If you have an interest in the gym, join up and be on hand to help other people find their way around the equipment. It’s very rewarding to help people take their first steps towards improving their fitness.
  • How about offering to spend some time behind the bar (rather than in front!). A short training session qualifies you to serve alcohol and whether you just do a stint at the Friday Social Club or help us out when providing a bar for some of our paying customers you will be performing a valuable role.
  • If you are the sort that likes writing, or using the computer, then volunteer to help maintain the website. It’s good to write news articles and surprisingly easy to do.
  • Those of a more technical bent could learn how to operate the sound and light systems so that they can be on hand to help set them up for events.
  • Or perhaps you could be on call to do some of the maintenance jobs that inevitably need attention. Perhaps a spot of plumbing, woodwork, or decorating. The more we do ourselves the more of our income can be used to benefit the community as a whole.

So get involved and start making a contribution – for all our benefit. Start by contacting any of the Management Committee – you can be sure of a warm welcome

Other ways to volunteer: