Audio-Visual Room

The audio-visual room measures 7m by 5.5m and is equipped with:

    • Electrically operated 16:9 screen
    • Total blackout blinds
    • Blu-ray DVD player
    • HD 1080p projector
    • 5:1 surround sound speaker system
    • Fixed and radio microphones
    • Wireless broadband internet access

The system of tables and chairs is very versatile and fully configurable to suit different clients’ needs – seating up to 36 people in theatre, boardroom, classroom or u-shaped style.

The room is fully carpeted and acoustically ‘deadened’ for excellent sound reproduction and a minimum of external noise.

All functionality (including lights, DVD – start/stop/pause, volume etc) can be accessed by a single backlit panel.

The digital multimedia projector can show High Definition DVD films (with a high contrast ratio of 2100:1) or connect to a laptop to show PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, word documents etc..

As there is wireless internet access to the room, video-conferencing by means of SKYPE, or similar software, to any part of the world can be projected onto the screen.

  • Capacity: 36
  • Floor area: 29.05 m2